Thursday, August 9, 2007

Eat my... shit?

I once received this request...

'Can I have a pair of your panties? Would you be willing to poop in them? I am not talking about a smear, I want the entire load. The more the merrier.'

' I askfor this within a day or two at most of antipated(available time) use. I have frozen it in a few caseswhen something came up to cancel "my little play". Isuppose that preserves, but it takes much of the"heat" out of it for me. I have gotten up in themorning and said, gee i wish I had an obligingneighbor....'

'I am hungrily awaiting your call...Oh, and would you please cover in an inch or so of gold.'

So I went ahead and fufilled it. Could I imagine anything more humilating than someone eating my shit? Probably not. Did it arouse me? I'm not really sure... But I did enjoy reading the email I got a few days later.

'In case you were wondering..... Yes, I did eat it. I swear it tasted like shit! What was in those panties? Ah, how to convey the thrill to someone who does not share this fetish.... If it weren't for the internet with all the links and content, I'd think I was a lone freak! (Well, actually I did feel that way for years! I can tell you that remember that poo was as important part of my fantasy life when I was 8 y/o ) You look and see, "It looks like shit." "It smells like shit." And then you stop there. I don't. I can't. And what a swirl of a twist. I feel every bit of revulsion as you. I am repulsed by the look and the smell...oh. and I am also drawn. Along with repulsion is something else. A dose of endorphins that can only be matched by the sound of a third paddle (in that scene) cracking. Or a branding iron*. [I did mention that I am a serious pain slut,no? I used to attend parties (or clubs when I was in XXX) spend 4-6 hours actively being beaten... Oh, I miss that! but I digress] So I want to eat it. In spite of the negatives. I desire to be used thusly. Yes, I would like to spend an entire w/e bound beneath a seat with an oval hole..... (And yes I had one GF that would entertain this scenario for about a day) In this scene, from time to time I find myself looking up a girls bottom. Nice view. As she seats herself, I am filled with a mixture of conflicting thoughts/feelings. Thoughts: "She is only going to pee. again." "I swear they spend half their days peeing (well that is not actually a conplaint just now ;)" Of course, the next thought is well maybe she is going to do worse than pee. At this thought, I experience: terror, fear, anticipation, desire. I simultaneously desire a great nasty load, and fear this worse than anything! Well, the facts are: it IS nasty. It smells bad. It tastes worse. It is VERY difficult to swallow. So there I am in this swirling mess of thoughts, feelings, desire.... the anticipation of course is delicious. Added into this, is the fact that I have none. If she needs to pee, I need to swallow. If just a little, or a hogshead, whatever she lets loose I must deal with it. If she needs to poo, likewise, it is my problem. ANd I don't know what to expect! A small stinky bit? or maybe something that would clog the real sewer lines! And being bound beneath qualifies as "forced". This makes it easier for me to do what I have been telling you I desire.... So here i am.. with a package such as the one you handed me. Sometimes I put the contents of such a prize in the potty above me. Sometimes i will just (heat it to 98.4) put it on a tray and lick....which is what I did with your precious parcel. Staring at it, smelling it, with no one staring me down is hard. It was exciting. It was nasty (But not as bad as they usually are...) Yes I had a bit 'o fun. No doubt, I have give you TOO MUCH INFORMATION. So sue me.'

And I thought this was a one-in-a-million thing really, but it turns out not so much... Here is a snippet from another shit eater.

'I can rationalize your shit in my mouth. I adore you. you're the easiest woman to talk to I have ever met. love me.'

How could I ever love someone who is so utterly disgusting?! But a popular Chinese idiom goes "A dog cannot change its habit of eating feces," and I believe it. This shit is addictive it seems!


Russ said...

i would also do the same. i would want to be tied helpless by You as Your ass descends and absorbs my face and You amuse Yourself by having me sniff Your ass deeply as You farted and forced me to have it fill my senses against my will. soon,You might feel the urge and i'd panic also,realizing there is now no escape and watch helplessly as You slowly start to shit and i can only gaze as it inches towards my lips. i hear Your words commanding me to open and accept. Your shit,warm from Your bowels now slides onto my tongue,the smell already overwhelming me and now the taste invading my taste buds.You demand that i savor and taste Your poop before chewing and swallowing.i think that one will be the end but You have more in mind for me. as i bite thru and struggle to swallow, i realize Your shit will be flowing thru my body making my soul belong to You.

John Doe said...

I would like to eat your shit also

John Doe said...

i would like to eat your shit too